Rare Item ID’s


Ice Crown: !ai 491
3rd Year Beta Hat: !ai 1019
Night Vision Goggles: !ai 102
3D Glasses: !ai 103
Eye Patch: !ai 105
Snowflake Mask: !ai 116
Parrot: !ai 168
Hawaiian Lei: !ai 171
Black Tie: !ai 176
Star Necklace: !ai 184
Blue Lei: !ai 193
Tropical Bird: !ai 3023
Snowflake T-Shirt: !ai 207
Hawaiian T-Shirt: !ai 211
Tie Dye T-Shirt: !ai 14074

Trollolol Face: !ai 138
Forever Alone Face: !ai 112
CPPS T-Shirt: !up CPPS.me

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